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Since 1986, Jay and Mark Richards have been committed to providing clean, courteous, safe transportation. Our fleet of vehicles takes care of over 450,000 riders and travel 600,000 miles each year. That is equal to filling the Fargo Dome 16 times and circling the Earth 240 times. A tremendous responsibility that we take very seriously.

You can relax in the knowledge that, year after year, Richards Transportation Service Inc has earned an exemplary safety and on-time record. Those who drive for Richards are some of the most reliable and well trained in the area.

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Each driver has to meet state and Federal agency standards for Commercial drivers, before getting behind the wheel. Our drivers and vehicles meet or exceed Federal and State standards. Each year, the State of Minnesota inspects each of our vehicles and driver information to make sure they are capable of transporting you and your guests safely and efficiently to your destination.

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A 30-year commitment to quality transportation

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Kind, courteous and capable drivers

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